Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

The rainy evening made Halloween a bit different this year.  Trunk or Treat was moved indoors to the FLC.  This meant (yea!) we didn't have to decorate a trunk (even though we had actually worked on a cute baseball theme in honor of the Astros) but it also meant others didn't have trunks decorated either.  It was nice, but the excitement of running around with friends and enjoying all of the decorations was missed.  We didn't linger at Trunk or Treat since the Astros were playing in game 6 of the World Series and we were eager to get home to watch it uninterrupted.
There was no picture of our family taken in front of the trunk like in years past.  :(
Here is the only picture I took of the kiddos with a couple of their friends.

Lleyton dressed up as Harry Potter this year, and Kennedy a Native American Princess.  They were the cutest kids celebrating Halloween in all the world, but I may be just a little biased.  :)


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Character Day

Dressing up for "Book Character Day" this year was easy.  Lleyton had already decided that he wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween so he just got to wear his costume twice.  Lleyton had read the first 4?  Harry Potter books over a year ago and enjoyed them ok.  I'm not sure why he picked them up to read again recently, but once he started he hasn't been able to put them down.  I think he is understanding alot more about the plot and relating more with the characters now that he is older.  It is always great for Tim and I to see our children so excited about reading.


 This was the first year of middle school that Kennedy could apply for NJHS and we were so proud of her when she was accepted.  To be accepted each student had to answer several detailed questions regarding their acts of service and character.  This took alot of thought, writing and quite some time.  Kennedy did not need a single reminder from us, but took the lead on this and completed it all on her own.  Just another example of why she deserves to be a National Junior Honor Society member.                                                                                                                          *Look closely.  That dress used to be mine and I wore it in a Christmas card photo shoot in 2009.  Kennedy was only 5 years old.  Now look at her!


Monday, October 23, 2017

7th Grade Retreat

Another things we love about BCS is their commitment to not only educate our children but also to nurture them through the difficult years of growing up.  One way they do this is to try and instill class unity.  Recently, the 7th graders traveled to Camp Buckner in Burnet, TX for a full day of team building games and exercises.  Kennedy was worn out by the end of it.  Apparently there had been a very exhausting game of kickball.  :)  She was happy that the Senior chaperone that they put in charge of her group was Lauren Weilemann. From the pictures that were shared with me later it looks like she had a good time. 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Action Shots

A few pictures from Lleyton's recent soccer game...

He may be slight in stature, but Ll sure can be quick when he wants to be.

This is what Kennedy does during the games.  
We actually have to remind her to look up from her book and cheer for her brother.

 We love seeing Lleyton make an effort on the the field!  
We are hoping to see this more consistently in the future if he sticks with the sport.

Tired guy towards the end of the game...

Aunt Sarah and Aunt Hannah both came to cheer on Lleyton during his games this season.  His team never ended up winning a game, but he still had fun and he's excited about playing again next year for BCS.

Monday, October 9, 2017

KuLA Sushi

When Kennedy said she wanted sushi for her special birthday dinner, I knew just the place.  A friend had told me about this restaurant called KuLA where all of the sushi is delivered on conveyor belts directly to your table.  It sounded so unique and such a fun idea we surprised her with it.   The way it works is you either pull the sushi dish you'd like directly off the bottom conveyor belt as it goes by or you submit a special order by computer screen.  That order is sent directly to your table via the top conveyor belt.  After you finish your plate you slide it into a bin at the foot of the table.  The number of plates you finish is tracked and for every 10 you get a little surprise.  I know it sounds crazy but it was really neat.  Even Lleyton, who usually complains about going to eat sushi, loved it and is already asking to go back.   He was so enthralled with the novelty of the process that he was willing to be a more adventurous eater.  Tim was feeling under the weather, but he put on a brave face and I'm not sure the kiddos even realized it.  It was kind of a good thing because he had less of an appetite so it saved us some money, especially when you are paying around $2.00 a plate.  :)

Doesn't Kennedy look beautiful!  She got herself dressed up for our evening.

Lleyton getting a plate off of the conveyor belt...
 Order up!


Sunday, October 8, 2017


We were able to steal away for another wonderful weekend camping at Jim Hogg State Park in Georgetown.  The number of our friends able to make this trip was much smaller than in years past because of kid's sporting conflicts which gave the weekend a different feel.  Fortunately, several families were able to come out for the day on Saturday so that livened the campsites up and brought with it the energy of years past.  We were blessed to share a site with the Kelso's. They are such dear friends of ours and as an added perk, very good packers so anything we forgot they had.  :)

Kennedy spent the majority of her time with Makana Sloan, laying in the hammocks or riding the Green Machines.  She also went on a hike with us down to see the water, found time to read, kept an eye on Bear and was a big help when we were prepping our meals.  Friday was her 13th birthday(Ack!) so we surprised her with an Oreo Cake, the birthday song and a bag of white chocolate (her favorite!) chips to pass around to the other kids camping.  


Lleyton played and played and played with Dylan, Levi and Cole for the most part.  He rode bikes, scooters, green machines, anything with wheels basically... played baseball with Daddy and rocked in hammocks.  He also took good care of Bear.  Both kids are so in their element out there, completely surrounded by friends and fun, that Tim and I rarely see them other than for meal time.  This allows he and I to sit around and catch up with friends.  We even got to throw the softball around for a bit.  It was delightful.  The weather was about 10 degrees warmer than maybe ideal but in the shade of the beautiful trees or when the sun would duck behind the clouds it was perfect.  We also didn't have to worry about packing bulky things like jackets so that was a perk!

Sunday brought with it our special time of worship outside.  I always look forward to that time together with our Church family surrounded by God's creation.

After getting home, getting the car unloaded, starting a load of laundry and watching a few innings of the Atros' playoff game against the Red Socks it was time to hop back in the car and head up to church for Walk4Water.  We got nice and sweaty again walking 4 miles around BOCC campus in support of this beautiful ministry that helps to build wells to provide clean drinking water in those countries that need it.  This year the well will be built in Haiti.  Lleyton's shirt could have read "Run4 Water".  He amazed us with his stamina and ran a large majority of the 4 miles along with his friends Luke, Dylan and Cooper.