Sunday, April 9, 2017

BOCC Egg Hunt

I am happy to report that once again, Lleyton "Hit the Jackpot!" at the Brentwood Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday evening.  That was the phrase that we heard mulitple times last year after he found an entire bag of candy during the hunt.  It didn't matter that he didn't even like the candy, it was all about "hitting the jackpot."  He was curious beforehand if he would be lucky enough to "hit the jackpot" again and I was glad this year's hunt did not disappoint.  He didn't find an entire bag of candy, but he did find so many eggs that they would no longer fit in his basket.  He ended up loading up his tucked in shirt and pockets with all of the extras.  He looked a little bit like the Michelin man.  It was hilarious when Tim untucked him later on in the evening and all of the eggs poured out, landing at his feet.  I mean just look at this grin...  Could the kid get any happier?
Kennedy was too old to hunt eggs, but she helped in the festivities by reading a scripture during the devo.  She was so composed and clear while reading.  She made us and, I'm sure,  her heavenly father very proud.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


We kept bluebonnet pictures simple this year and found a field after school one day.  
Beautiful flowers + beautiful children = a winning combination.

Goofy brothers are the best!  
(Well, maybe not when you're trying to take a picture.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Break Crafts

GiGi (D'Anne) gave the kids these fun craft toys to work on over Spring Break.  It is hard to describe them (the machine took a film you chose and shrink-wrapped it to pieces of plastic that you then assembled to create objects) but the result was an afternoon of fun.  Thank you GiGi!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reid Marion Snider

At a recent family gathering in Gonzales, we were able to meet Reid.  Reid had been born at the beginning of the year and he is a cutie.  He made it all through church without crying and did well being passed around from family member to family member.  It really was neat to be able to see Heath with his newborn son as well as all the joy Reid brought to Aunt Sharon.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

His Favorite Thing

Once again I was put in charge of putting together an auction item for the Partnership Dinner.  This year's item is a group of flashcards where each card had a picture of the student holding a chalkboard with their favorite thing written on it.  I of course think that the child in the picture above is by far the cutest one in the group. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Cultural Experience

Kennedy is hard at work on a research paper about England for her History class.  Every student in her grade was assigned a different country and requested to not only write a detailed paper, put together a presentation board, give a presentation but also visit a cultural site.  We were fortunate that the teacher provided a list of options located in central Texas that we could chose from.  She chose to go have lunch at the Full English Cafe in South Austin.  We picked up Nana on our way so she could join in the adventure.  The Cafe was a very small, eclectic spot that served traditional English food.  We enjoyed ordering and trying many different breakfast and lunch items off of the menu and of course having some hot tea.    

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Drennon Christmas in Pflugerville

We drove back to Pf just in time to get  the car unloaded and get in bed so that Santa could visit us that night.  Tim and I knew it would be a very early, busy morning because Christmas fell on Sunday this year but the joy of the day gave us plenty of energy to appreciate the little and big moments.  

BIG MOMENT:  Ripping down the wrapping paper on the doorways to charge into the living room to see stockings overflowing and the hammocks Santa left, draped over the hearth.

little moment:  Getting socks and other useful goodies in our stockings

 BIG MOMENT:  Kennedy being gifted Tim's iPad Mini and Lleyton a new bike.

  little moment:  watching the expressions on everyone's faces as they open the presents you have waited anxiously to give them.

 BIG MOMENT:  Opening a box that hints at an upcoming adventure and then realizing we are leaving on a Disney Cruise in 5 days!!!

little moment:  Getting started on playing with our new gifts.
BIG MOMENT:  Going to church (on time I might add!) to praise and thank our Lord for the greatest gift we've been given, his son Jesus.